Welcome Group Benefits Coordinators

EyeMax Vision Plan, Inc., has obtained our statewide full-service Knox-Keene license as a specialized healthcare service plan for vision. It took over 3½ years to secure this license; two years to meet state government requirements and 1½ years in the application process with the DMHC for their review and comments.

PRODUCTIVITY The second or third most common health-related complaint among adults is vision-related problems. According to research from Transitions in 2016, vision benefits are now tied with dental as the second most popular selection. Eight out of 10 employees would like to have more protection from some form of harmful light

According to a study by the Vision Council, it was found that employers gain as much as $7 in productivity for every $1 spent on vision coverage. With a coordinated effort by EyeMax doctors, our lens specialists, and EyeMax know-how, you can be assured that your employees’ vision complaints will be minimized to help meet your company’s goal: high productivity.

COMMUNICATION EyeMax is committed to working closely with group benefit administrators to meet your group’s vision care needs, and to ensure your employees’ satisfaction. Your our voice will always be welcome and appreciated.

PROVIDERS We work with carefully selected, leading optometrists and ophthalmologists to provide your employee group with high-quality eye examinations and related services. We recognize the importance of our doctors as an integral part of our plan’s success.

LENS PRODUCTS EyeMax contracts with the most technologically-advanced optical laboratories in the nation to ensure that the lenses supplied under our plans are ground precisely to the new prescription’s specifications, and extend above and beyond the industry standard of ANSI Z80-1 2005. Furthermore, EyeMax contract labs use only highgrade, premium brand-name blanks.

STYLE We offer a wide variety of fashion frames to choose from, so your employees can look their best while seeing their best (copay or overage may apply).