Tour the manufacturing process of one of EyeMax Vision Plan’s Contract Laboratories


Making your eyewear requires precise grinding. Most people are unaware of the many different steps comprising the process of manufacturing quality eyewear. Your vision is important to us, which is why EyeMax contracts with the top laboratories in California, Oregon, Nevada and Arizona to ensure the accuracy of your prescription.

EyeMax contract labs are able to apply anti-reflective coating to your lenses after they're surfaced, which greatly enhances your visual acuity, protects the lens from scratching, and provides protection from harmful UV radiation.

Many of today's digital lens products require specialized surfacing equipment to manufacture, again at a high capital cost. The accuracy of these prescriptions is 10 times that of conventional manufacturing processes and require manufacturers with a high level of expertise to operate and maintain.

Computerized lens calculations adjust for the way the lens is positioned in front of your eyes to maximize your visual accuity. Today's high-fashion and sports-oriented eyewear requires precision edging.

Our contract labs employ computer-controlled edging equipment to make sure that your lenses fit perfectly in the frame, no matter what shape or style of mounting.