Greetings Providers

EyeMax Vision Plan, Inc., has obtained our statewide full-service Knox-Keene license as a specialized healthcare service plan for vision. It took over 3½ years to secure this license; two years to meet state government requirements and 1½ years in the application process with the DMHC for their review and comments.

Our mission at EyeMax is to provide the highest quality vision coverage to our members by associating with only leading eye care professionals such as yourself. We are very appreciative to have you as a providing doctor for EyeMax.

Private pay patients are declining, though group plan patients are continuously growing. All employees, from labor unions, government agencies, and private companies, want vision care as part of their benefit package. We would like to be your partner, by working side-by- side to capture a share of the growing market.

For your convenience, we are developing our website for you to use to check eligibility, submit claims, view pending claims, view provider manuals, and order prescriptions with contract laboratories.

Thank you for your participation.