Brokers FAQ

How do EyeMax’s Broker commissions compare to others?

We’ve done the math – and we’re happy to say that EyeMax offers amongst the highest overall broker commission rates for vision plans!

Why EyeMax Vision?

EyeMax Vision Plan was formed by experienced industry experts with a track record of success. We have used our knowledge to create a high-quality vision plan that both you and your clients will appreciate. Furthermore, the broker community in general is eager to see other new alternative plans come into our industry.

Our mission statement is centered on five objectives:

    1) Best optics
    2) Best doctors

    3) Best service

    4) Best materials

    5) Best fair & competitive price

How can I sell EyeMax Vision Products?

    1) Visit
    2) Click on the Brokers tab
    3) Click on “Become a Broker”
    4) Create a log-in at the Broker Portal to register and signup.
    5) Refer to our Solicitation of EyeMax Vision Plan document (on the Broker home page after registering and logging in) for a step-by-step guide.

What type of vision plans do you offer?

Our Standard Group Plan: which has 3 customizable levels of coverage & our EyeMax Individual Plans; click “Benefits” for more details.

Where can I go to look for a provider?

On our website, under the broker link, click on "provider search". Your search can include: by zip code, NIP number, License number, doctor’s office languages spoken, etc. EyeMax has over 1,000 board-certified network providers in California.

(You can search providers by 15, 25 and 50 miles.)

How do I request a proposal?

For Groups under 500: on our FAQ & proposal Form page, click on the "Request a Proposal Form" icon to download our form, which is fillable. Send your Request a Proposal form via email to: or by fax to: 831-761-5798.

What information is required for a proposal request?

Send your Request a Proposal form via email to: or by fax to: 831-761-5798.
Here’s some of the information that will be requested:

  • Group name
  • Group address
  • Contact information
  • Number of eligible employees
  • Proposal due date & Plan Effective date
  • Proposed plan design specifications (including benefit frequency, allowances, copayments, dependent coverage, etc.) Need help designing a plan? Contact EyeMax Vision Plan’s Broker Relations Department.
  • Funding: Employer funded, self-funded, Voluntary contribution (and %)
  • And if the Group has a current vision plan: current premium rates, effective date, etc.
  • How long does it take to obtain a proposal?

    Three (3) to five (5) business days after receipt of required information. Group FYI: We require a minimum of 10 enrollees in order to establish a group.

    What are the following steps after registration?

    Step 1: Review our Broker materials

    Once, logged-in, review and download information about EyeMax, our Plans, and other helpful materials to aid you in selling EyeMax Vision Plan. You may either download our Request for Proposal (RFP) form or fill in all necessary information about your Client via our online RFP form and submit it to EyeMax.

    Step 2: Client set up

    Once EyeMax receives the appropriate information back from you via the RFP form, a team member will set up your client in the EyeMax system, and send your RFP to the EyeMax underwriting team. This process takes 3-5 business days.

    Step 3: Receive your Proposal and sell the Plan

    You will receive your Proposal from EyeMax, with premium rates based on the RFP information you provided, ready for you to present to your Client. Also, we’ll email you the broker percentage rate (up to 12%) for the commission you’ll receive once the contract is signed, based on the specific contract premium amount and group size. Good luck!

    Step 4: Group Proposal acceptance

    Once your client accepts our Plan and proposed premium, let EyeMax know and we’ll provide the Group Benefits Administrator with their Group ID#. The Administrator logs-in at our website, and goes to the “Groups” tab. They can download our Master Group Application fillable form, the EyeMax Enrollment Form for each enrollee to fill out (available in Spanish as well), and Enrollee Roster spreadsheet form for their group enrollee data.

    Step 5: Group Enrollment

    The Master Group Application and its attachments, Enrollment Forms, and the Enrollee Roster forms are filled in and uploaded into the EyeMax system. The Group Benefits Administrator is responsible for defining their eligible employees, and completing the roster form with the list of enrollees and their dependents (if applicable). If the Group is up to 10 enrollees, they may send the roster information in an email. Once all the information is received by EyeMax Vision Plan and reviewed for completeness, Eyemax forwards their application package to the underwriting department to review and verify that the proposed quote remains valid and in effect as quoted. A Group Contract is dispatched for signature to the Benefits Administrator. After underwriting approval, and the executed contract has been remitted, the Administrator will receive their first invoice via email (due within 15 days of receipt and prior to the contract Effective Date) and receive a Certificate of Insurance for their Group. Once Eligible Enrollees and their Dependents (if applicable) are completely enrolled, the Administrator will be able to log in and see their account information and employee Member roster. EyeMax will send the fully-executed Group Contract and their Master Policy to the Group Administrator by mail.

    Step 6: Group Members Registration and Welcome

    Each enrollee will be entered into the EyeMax system and registered as an EyeMax Member. We’ll send each Member: a welcome letter, their Evidence of Coverage and Disclosure Form, and their EyeMax Member ID cards (with their Member ID#). Please allow up to 10 days for this process.

    Step 7: Members Online Registration and Benefit Utilization

    Using their Member ID#, each Member may register online; at the “Log in” screen they’ll create their log-in password. By logging onto our website, Members can see what benefits they’re eligible for and other vision-related informational materials. At the Members tab, they can also search for an EyeMax Network Provider; they can search by: zip code, provider name, doctor group name, license number, NIP number, and also languages spoken. Starting on the contract Effective Date, Members may begin using their EyeMax Vision benefits by making an appointment with the provider they’ve selected. When calling the doctor’s office, make sure they identify themselves as an EyeMax Vision Plan Member. Let the eyecare begin!

    What are your rating tiers?

    Three (3) to five (5) business days after receipt of required information. Group FYI: We require a minimum of 10 enrollees in order to establish a group.

    Rating Tiers:

    Single tier

  • Eligible employee only
  • Two tier

  • Eligible employee only
  • Eligible employee + Family
  • Three tier

  • Eligible employee only
  • Eligible employee + 1
  • Eligible employee + Family up to three
  • Composite rates

    Only available for groups over 500. Applicable when the employer desires a "per/employee" rate for each family unit. The composite rate is to be used for each eligible employee, regardless of family size.

    Effective Date

    EyeMax Vision Plans are effective on the first day of the month. To guarantee proper implementation, EyeMax Vision requires thirty-day advance notice for the account installation. All enrollment requirements must be met before the effective date.

    How are the Groups billed?

    The first payment is due within 15 days after receipt of the group application package. The groups can pay monthly, annually, or semi-annually, depending on their contract. Recurring credit card and e-check payments occur on the 15th of the month. The plans automatically renew after the one-year contract, with the premium rates guaranteed for two years from the initial contract effective date. Each Group Administrator will be able to create a log-in and check their account online at our website, at the “Groups” tab.

    Can Members receive care from the provider of their choice?

    EyeMax Members have the freedom to visit any provider of their choice. But, naturally, Members will receive the greatest benefit value when they get their eyecare services from an EyeMax network provider, with 1,000+ locations in California.

    Do you offer individual vision coverage?

    Yes, EyeMax offers our Individual/Family Plans, with two different levels of benefits available, for those who want a stand-alone vision plan.

    Are Employer Groups requesting vision coverage as a benefit?

    Yes. According to Jobson Optical’s 2012 Consumer Perceptions of Managed Vision Care report,more than nine out of 10 consumers (92.9 %) say their vision plan is important, on par with dental benefits and only slightly behind medical (94.5%).

    Doesn’t the Affordable Care Act (ACA/”Obamacare”) cover vision care?

    No. Although employers with over 50 employees are now required to offer health insurance to 95% of their full time workers, vision care under the ACA is only included with the comprehensive health insurance for children and not for adults.

    So what’s an option for adults to get vision insurance?

    Since the ACA does not cover vision care benefits for adults: full time or part time workers whose employers don’t offer vision care benefits or retirees must seek their own Individual vision insurance.

    Will I get a commission if I help sell an Individual Plan?

    Yes. When you send someone to EyeMax, and they sign up and purchase our Individual Plan...

    1) you will direct them via a customized hyperlink that is unique to your EyeMax Broker ID#,

    and that will help track which individuals that obtain our plan through you and your link.

    2) you will direct them to enter your EyeMax Broker ID# in the appropriate field when they

    are completing the sign up procedure. That Broker ID# will be tracked and credited to you

    for the following month’s commissions.

    Who do I contact if I have a question?

    You may either call EyeMax at 831-761-5794 or email us at: